Transcending oil

Hawaiʻi is heading towards 100% clean energy.
But until we get there, we spend over a billion dollars per year on foreign oil.

The Changemakers

Improving resilience towards a bluer planet

To jumpstart the acceleration away from oil and toward renewable energy in Hawai‘i, Elemental Excelerator (EEx) is piloting the application of its place-based innovation model to worthy nonprofit and government agencies. These changemaking organizations, aligned with our analysis and recommendations, will receive grant funding to advance innovation and speed our transcendence over oil.

With that, we’re pleased to announce EEx’s first two awardees: Blue Planet Foundation and the City and County of Honolulu Office of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency.

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Blue Planet Foundation The “We Are 100” campaign will showcase actions and commitments from local companies, organizations, and individuals that accelerate Hawai‘i toward its renewable energy goals. Each voice will share a clean energy action, as well as “stretch” commitments to accelerate Hawai‘i’s clean energy progress. It will tell the story of how we’re all connected and committed to a Hawai‘i that is cleaner, more resilient, and more equitable.

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The Resilience Office Based on community input and best practices from other cities, the Resilience Office identified a need to grow their ability to support equity in the transition to clean energy and transportation future, strengthen the alliance between the counties’ sustainability efforts, and build resilience in the face of growing climate disaster challenges. The Resilience Office was established by City Charter in 2016 and is responsible for numerous climate change, policy, community, security and sustainability tasks.